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  • Birgit Stern


Do not hesitate to make a clear decision when you feel somehow in between . No mistake can be made , because you can trust your inner feelings.

Situations in which there can be no quick collective solution -like the cover- pandemic- offers a wide range of experiments with your reaction like f.i. constantly connecting with a sense of freedom within your own soul, your own eternal spiritual energy, your own spirit.

Some people feel trapped and imprisoned while they trap themselves in old patterns and habits. We ask you to carfully examine old habits which do not fit anymore into your daily life and into this new age. Such an old pattern would be questioning what you are doing, what we are doing, how you do it, why you do it .s.o. This constantly questioning yourself and nourishing doubt within yourself is a trap you find yourself in and a way of sabotaging your unique way. This questioning could be on a quite subtle level like finding no space for quietness and connection to your higher self.

Our pleasure, peace and love is with you dear ladies.

Sense more and accept that both of you have quite lot of similarities but also and different abilities, so go with it and for it. For both of you our recommendation would be to „see“ emotionally – like you already do, to help yourself in going into trance with the ways you already know and prefer.

For the American lady we recommend an mediation with the color yellow and taking into consideration that every step to inner peace is already meditation. A help to keep inner peace is also reading poems and watching birds and solving one old – very old- situation we feel is ready to be resolved.

For the European lady our advise would be to incorporate much more fun into the daily life to keep the enery high . Be carful not to care more for others than for yourself. To work with sound would be helpful.

Your sisterhood is a wonderful tool to experiment- we like it.

These days are quite challenging as the world is drawn into darkness more than you can imagine, but not more than it has always been. So keep your optimism , joy, and hope strong.

A daily prayer is appreciated much for this is your sacred connection. Prayer not always needs words cause it is energy .

We thank you for your commitment.

We with love !

I wanted to share those words with you , because I thought it would be helpful for some of you. With my most beloved friend - an american lady - we started to do "readings" for each other. Out of joy , curiosity and fun to connect with the spirit world. After a year it turned out, that we got more and more informations which could be helpful for many.

"Readings" is a possibility to connect with the unseen world or with unseen energies -either on a psychic or on an mediumistic level. We experimented with both. This text was written around March 2021.

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